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If you are looking for a fun and exciting career that will allow you to be creative and make your own schedule, cosmetology school may be right for you.  Whether it’s hair, skin, nails, or makeup that interests you, a rewarding career that  allows you to help people feel good about themselves may be just around the corner for you. Cosmetology school can help you learn everything you need to pursue a successful career in the beauty industry.

Are You An Artist at Heart?

A career in cosmetology is a great choice for someone who likes to use their creativity daily. It gives you an opportunity to play around with different haircuts, hairstyles, and makeup while being paid for your skills. You can also take courses to learn how to do nails and skin care. If you were always the one doing your friends’ hair and makeup for the school dance, cosmetology may be the perfect industry for you. There are many different creative career choices in the cosmetology field—one of them could be your dream job!

Ditch the Nine to Five

Cosmetology school can give you the skills you need to build a lucrative business for yourself. Many cosmetologists are their own boss. You can make your own hours and determine your own schedule. This gives you a lot of freedom, so you do not have to feel tied down to your job. If you prefer, you can work at a salon so you do not have the stress of owning your own business. Many salons even allow you to choose your own schedule or request to work only on certain days. Or, if traveling sounds great to you, you could become a brand educator and get paid to teach classes across the country. The great thing about being a cosmetologist is that so many of the career options can give you a flexible schedule that works for you.

Impact Others

Data from the polling company Gallup shows that across 142 countries and millions of workers, only 13% of people say they are “engaged” in, or enthusiastic about their jobs. Comparatively, almost 59% of cosmetologists report being satisfied with their job. That difference is staggering.

What makes cosmetology such a leading industry in job satisfaction? In a 2015 TED talk, a psychologist revealed a few key factors that ranked hairstyling as a top three job for happiness levels. These included: the importance of developing skills required in cutting and styling, the creativity involved in solving problems (like what cut would work with what face), and the sociable nature of the job. Helping other people feel beautiful is truly satisfying. If the chance to impact others with your career sounds amazing to you, cosmetology may be just the rewarding industry you would thrive in.

Take the Next Step

If starting a career in cosmetology sounds amazing to you, Elite Academy of Cosmetology may be a perfect fit for you. We have classes starting several times a year. Call us today for more information about classes, or fill out the contact form at the top left of this page. Get started on your training to become a licensed cosmetologist and find your dream job in this amazing industry.

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