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Financial Aid

Our scholarships and financial aid offerings can help you get on track to a great new career!

Financial Aid
At Elite Academy of Cosmetology, we are committed to providing our prospective and current students with the options they need to realize their career goals. With our financial aid and scholarship opportunities for students who qualify in Lawton and Duncan, Oklahoma, we are able to help you begin the program of study that matches your interests and needs. Financial aid is a great way to ensure your success, and we will work with you through the process to help you get the best results. Contact us today to learn more about your options with financial aid.

fafsa.ed.gov (school code Eve’s College of Hairstyling 009708)
studentloans.gov (school code Eve’s College of Hairstyling 009708)

Think you can’t afford a beauty school? Think again with our cosmetology scholarships.

Cosmetology Scholarships

Do you have a passion for cosmetology but feel like you can’t make the switch? Here at Elite Academy of Cosmetology, we have cosmetology scholarships available for students who qualify. We want to make your dreams of a career in cosmetology a reality.

We have two campuses – one in Lawton and one in Duncan, Oklahoma. We have classes that start several times throughout the year, making it easier for you to fit school into your busy schedule. As an accredited college, we are able to offer multiple forms of financial aid and assistance beyond our cosmetology scholarships, including the following:

  • Grants, federal and otherwise
  • Student loans
  • Funding from the VA
  • Funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Rehabilitation funding
  • Self-pay options and pay via credit card when needed

So, whether you are interested in our cosmetology program or another program, we can help you achieve your goals. Our cosmetology program consists of 1,500 hours and takes 13 months to complete. Other programs available include esthetician school, barbering school (Lawton only), nail technician training and more. Even if you have been in the industry already, our programs can be geared towards review and mastery of new skills and techniques. We have onsite clinics that give you a chance to practice your skills on real clients. For more information about our cosmetology scholarships or other information, give us a call today.