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Becoming an esthetician is so much more than just knowing about skincare, makeup, and waxing! It’s a rewarding and growing career that is definitely worth looking into. Do you have what it takes to become an esthetician? If you have highly considered starting or changing your profession, then there are a few skills needed to start your new journey. Keep on reading to see if you have the right skills for the job! 

A Business Mindset

Are there specific products you love and feel passionate about? If there are a few you can think of, then this is a great start to marketing yourself and building your business. Building a business takes a lot of time and hard work. You have to be able to sell your brand as an esthetician. The more skills and knowledge you have of the beauty industry, the more confident you are in running your own business. The beauty industry is a growing profession you definitely want to be part of, and the best way to start your journey is through learning business skills and knowing what to expect when working at a spa or salon.


When you are creative, you are more willing to think outside the box and take more risks. Not being afraid to try new things, will make you look more interesting and unique from other estheticians. Go outside and beyond what you learned in beauty school! If you aren’t afraid to accept a challenge, then you are on the right path to becoming successful. Being creative as an esthetician means you’re willing to go above and beyond for each individual client. Just because you are comfortable doing something one way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way or style for everyone. You will do all you can to help your client to feel more confident and beautiful! 

Detail Oriented

Let’s say you decide to be a lash artist. Your client wouldn’t want to spend all that money on uneven lashes. Same goes for any kind of skincare profession. It is important you know what is going on with your client’s skin. Making the wrong decision can result in breakout or skin damage. If you are naturally observant and detail oriented, then this is the profession for you!

Problem Solving

Maybe you are one who enjoys taking on new challenges and coming up with the best solutions to skin problems your client is facing. When a customer has a skin problem, they are going to expect you to have the best advice. A successful esthetician is someone who is able to quickly come up with a solution for their client’s specific needs. The best kind of problem solver is someone who can come up with different ideas and safe practices for their customers. 

Organization and Time Management

Having a clean workspace and all your products organized helps appointments to run smoother. An unorganized work station is stressful for you and the client. Staying on top of your client’s schedules will make them want to continue seeing you. Being on time to appointments and preventing customers from waiting too long can go a long way. When you are organized in your time and the way you work, you look more professional.

Great Communication Skills

It is so important to develop a relationship with your clients! Being able to communicate well with your customers is the start to good customer service. If you want them to keep returning and scheduling frequent appointments, you have to make clients feel more welcome, understood, and heard. Through good communication skills, are you better able to give clients proper advice and recommendations for products. You most likely will be the one advertising your business and so this means communication through social media, video content, websites, and blog writing will be necessary in growing your business. You are going to be interacting with people on a daily basis, so if you prefer not talking to people, this might not be the job for you.

Another part of having great communication skills is listening. Have you ever had a hair stylist replicate your exact vision and that desired hairstyle you always wanted? Maybe you had an opposite experience, where you felt like your stylist wasn’t listening and the end result wasn’t exactly what you had hoped for. It is so important to listen to your client and do all you can to understand their needs. Clients are more likely to leave positive reviews if they feel valued by you.

An Educated Esthetician

An education is a great way to develop your skills. Our esthetician program includes training from beauty industry professionals. At Elite Academy of Cosmetology, our esthetician program covers the following courses:

  • Bacteriology
  • Histology, physiology, and dermatology
  • Salon administration, insurance, and ethics
  • Cosmetology laws
  • Facials

Knowledge of these subjects will increase your skills and understanding of the profession. The more skills you learn, the more confident you can feel as an esthetician. 

There are so many opportunities you can explore as an esthetician. Some of the options you can look into during your esthetician journey are:

  • Skincare specialist
  • Medical esthetician
  • Beauty influencer 
  • Makeup artist
  • Lash artist
  • Medical spa manager

Having knowledge and familiarity with a large variety of services can really add value to your future. We highly recommend keeping up with the latest trends, to grow your salon or spa. The more skills you have, the more interested potential clients will become in what you have to offer. Expanding your skill set is a great way to stand out from the crowd!

In order to become a licensed esthetician in Oklahoma, you need to complete 600 hours and take the written and practical exam. The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering can also provide any additional licensing information you might need. If you have any questions on licensing, call us today and we would be happy to help! 

Learn with Elite Academy of Cosmetology

Feel like you don’t have all the skills you need to become an esthetician? That’s okay! Furthering your education will get you closer to your goals. If you live in Oklahoma, then we have the school for you! Elite Academy of Cosmetology offers a variety of courses to help you build your skill set, as well as the opportunity to learn from so many talented students and teachers. We recommend scheduling a tour with us to get a better idea of what beauty school could look like for you.