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Jessica Moore is one of the first graduates to come from Elite Academy of Cosmetology back in 2002. Since that time she has worked exceptionally hard to become a savvy stylist and successful salon owner. Her story is an outstanding example to us of what you can do with a cosmetology education combined with hard work and determination!

Cosmetology as an Art

Jessica never really considered cosmetology when she was growing up. She originally wanted to go to art school, but she knew that it wouldn’t make her very much money. She was trying to find a way to incorporate art into her career in some way, so Jessica enrolled in a nail program just four days after graduating high school! She started working right away after graduating because she knew she didn’t want to attend a traditional college. Working with nails was the perfect way to combine her love of art with the need to make a living.

The Drive to be a Salon Owner

When she was 24 years old, Jessica had her daughter and knew she needed to step up her game so she could provide for her growing family. She went back to cosmetology school to get her hair license so she could expand her earning opportunities. A year after that she had her son and was determined to step her game up yet another level so that she could make sure her family was taken care of. She worked for a salon a while afterwards, but decided she needed to be her own boss. Jessica leased a building, got a small loan, and opened her first salon!

Jessica’s first salon performed very well for seven years and even had six other employees. After those seven years, she decided she didn’t want to pay a lease to someone else for her business. She saved up and purchased a building for her salon to move into. The building required complete renovation inside and out and the end result is spectacular! Jessica has now had her salon open for more than ten years and is still going strong!

The Secret to Success

When asked about her secret to being successful, Jessica says that it’s important to find what you’re good at and stick to it.

”Don’t try to do 500 different things. Find the thing you love, take all the classes you can on it, and go for it!”

Jessica lives this advice in her own salon. She absolutely loves coloring and has made that her specialization. If a client comes in and asks for something she isn’t as specialized in, she will refer that client to a stylist in her salon who can perform the service. She explains that happy clients will be happy with your salon, regardless of whether or not you were the stylist to provide their service. If you try to give a client a service but aren’t specialized enough, that client may never return to your salon if it turns out poorly!

Jessica also mentioned how much her education at Elite Academy of Cosmetology helped her with her business skills. Tammy talks about how to be an excellent business owner, and even provides a whole class on it. She uses her own experiences to teach students how to run excellent businesses, and that drive for success is what inspired Jessica to open her own salon!

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Advice For New Students

Jessica’s biggest piece of advice for students is to work very hard. Cosmetology isn’t always easy for people, but hard work always pays off. Make sure you ask lots of questions while you’re in cosmetology school. Jessica’s father always said you can ask people anything, and she recommends students follow that advice as well.

”What are they going to do, tell you ‘no’? Just ask somebody else then!”

Jessica’s attitude is one of learning and tackling challenges head-on. If someone tells her about a challenge, she asks “but did you die?” Jessica takes every challenge as a learning opportunity for you to build yourself up. She finds the learning experience in every challenge and works very hard to overcome it!

Learn With Elite Academy of Cosmetology

Jessica’s path to becoming a salon owner is just one of many paths that you can choose with a cosmetology education. You can take control of your future today and pursue a career you’re passionate about! Contact us for more information on how an education at Elite Academy of Cosmetology can help you reach for your dreams!