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Cosmetology has the impressive potential to help people change their lives and build successful careers. Everyone has their own story to tell, and cosmetology is a field where people of all backgrounds can tell it. This month we talked with Candice Barnes about her story. She is an inspiring example of how you can reinvent yourself in a way you love.

Life-Changing Cosmetology

Several years ago, Candice found herself in some legal trouble and was charged with a felony. Criminal felony charges stay on a person’s permanent record for life, so Candice had a difficult time finding work after serving her time. Two weeks after she was released, Candice enrolled at Elite Academy of Cosmetology. She found that cosmetology was the right choice for her because she could help people feel good about themselves, and express herself through art. It’s a career where she could be herself and pursue different advancement opportunities along the way. On top of that, cosmetology was a place where she could create a new life without her past getting in the way!

Readjusting to society was challenging at first for Candice, but Elite Academy of Cosmetology was a support and family to her. The excellent hair color education was what initially drew her to the school, but it was the support and family atmosphere that won her heart. She attended school at the same time as the school owner’s daughter, Samantha, and she was able to help Candice readjust to society in simple but impactful ways such as teaching her how to use a phone and social media. Candice said that everyone at the school was so helpful, and they really care about the students.

Life After School

Candice’s career had an explosive start after graduating from Elite Academy in 2015. She applied to Smart Style to be a stylist. She worked behind the chair for two months, and then applied to be a manager before her first 90 days were even up! She got the position and was relocated to Oklahoma City to help an unsuccessful salon turn business around. During her time there she was able to make the business profitable and hired two new managers under her. She was relocated again to Yukon to do the same thing. Now she works as the senior district leader and oversees operations for ten salons throughout Oklahoma. She finds herself doing profit/loss statements, staffing, recruitment, and scheduling. She coaches, inspires, travels, and helps with anything else Smart Style needs!

The key to Candice’s success has been providing excellent consultations and guest services, just as she was taught at Elite Academy of Cosmetology. She explains that you need to have a conversation with your client, provide an excellent consultation, and handle their wants and needs. She brought these principles to the salons at Smart Style to help turn business around, and her clients keep returning to the salons because they love the way they’re treated. Candice also uses social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to advertise and bring more business. The program at Elite helped her learn this foundation so she could help her businesses succeed!

Why Elite Academy of Cosmetology

When asked about why someone should attend Elite, Candice said:

My friends at hair school helped me so much with learning to use social media and it was just part of the whole reason my life changed at hair school. I want to be an educator and brand ambassador. My heart is in being an artistic director so getting a master cosmo education can help me get there. I went from having nothing to being able to buy a house with my fiance.

We were so thrilled to be part of Candice’s transformation, and we couldn’t be more proud of the career she has built for herself!

Learn Cosmetology at Elite

Are you looking for an opportunity to reinvent yourself and build a career you’re passionate about? At Elite Academy of Cosmetology, we care deeply about all of our students and have a desire to see them succeed. If you’re interested in learning more about what you can learn with us, visit our programs page. If you’re ready to begin your professional journey in the beauty industry, contact us today!