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Follow These Four Tips for Healthy Hair

We all want beautiful hair. It’s one of the first things people notice, and is a large part of our physical appearance. If you’ve had trouble taming your own hair before leaving the house lately, are noticing breakage, frizziness, or harsh textures, it may be time to take action! At Elite Academy of Cosmetology, we work with people every day who want to improve the health of their hair, and we have some great tips for a couple of ways you can begin to make changes in your own hair and start to see a difference.

1. Don’t Wash Every Day

Did you know washing your hair every day could actually lead to dry, frizzy hair that is hard to manage? It is recommended to wash hair every other day or every few days. This can help your hair produce more natural oils, which gives it that healthy glisten it needs to look its best. When it starts to feel greasy on the second or third day, take a few minutes to run a brush or comb through it so the oils can coat all your hair and have time to absorb.

2. Avoid Hot Showers

Just like washing too often, super hot showers also have a drying effect and can strip your hair of its natural oils. Keeping your shower lukewarm can really make a difference in your hair’s health. Try turning the temperature down by a few degrees near the end of your shower. This way you can avoid applying too much heat to your hair and can get your bathroom a little less steamy when you get out!

3. Low-Heat Hair Drying

Another great tip for healthy hair is to avoid using the hottest setting on your hair dryer. Heat can cause a lot of breakage and end damage. By using a cooler setting, you may see sleekness and improved shine. You can try to save your curlers, straighteners, and dryers for special occasions and use air-drying whenever possible. If you just can’t resist, try using a heat-resistant oil or serum to protect your hair’s ends when you use heat.

4. Consult a Professional

Lastly, there are times when consulting a professional can really make all the difference in getting the best treatment. Whether they recommend a specific hair product or give you an expert haircut that gets rid of fly-aways and dead-ends, your healthy hair can come to life with expert advice from a hair care professional.

woman's blond hair being fanned out by hair stylist's hands

At Elite you can get a professional-level cut from one of our students in-training in our student salon. We are committed to providing top quality education so our students can be knowledgeable in all types of modern cosmetology products, methods, and treatments for different hair types.

*{All services are performed under the supervision of a licensed instructor.}*

At Elite Academy of Cosmetology, we are happy to provide the tips and tools you need to achieve beautiful, healthy hair. If you love everything hair yourself and want to learn more, we can help to jump-start your cosmetology career. Contact us today to schedule a tour of the school and learn about our courses of study. We look forward to hearing from you!