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Cosmetologists use many different tools to do their job well, ranging from blow dryers and brushes to balm oils and tin foils. One of the most important tools that is often overlooked is the array of hair products that cosmetologists get to use when styling and coloring hair. Excellent products yield excellent results, and that’s why Elite Academy of Cosmetology is partnered with Wella Professionals to provide our students with outstanding products to learn with.

What is Wella Professionals?

Wella is an extremely popular cosmetic brand that is best known for its stunning line of hair color products. Wella is a brand that is built by professionals for professionals, meaning it has people like our students and graduates in mind. Wella also provides hair styling and hair care products. Their main focus is hair color, and considering the growing popularity of color services, Wella Professionals products are going to be great for our students to be familiar with!

The Wella Professionals color product line is definitely one of the most impressive collections of hair color products out there on the market. They have every conceivable shade of color to help stylists experiment and create the newest trending colors of tomorrow!

Resources for Professionals

In addition to providing outstanding hair color products, Wella also provides a wealth of information and support for hair color professionals. You can go their Instagram or YouTube channels to see tutorials, announcements, and resources to help you learn about all the latest trending hair colors and styles. Wella has their finger on the pulse when it comes to the new and trending looks!

This continuing education is incredibly important for our graduates to have available to them because a career in cosmetology entails a lifetime of learning. The minute a cosmetologist gives up on learning new colors, techniques, and styles, that’s when they also lose their edge against their competitors. Wella resources for professionals help students stay sharp on all the latest trends with hair color!

Learn Hair Color at Elite Academy of Cosmetology

If you find yourself obsessing over new and exciting hair colors, it might be time for you to consider making a career out of your passion! Elite Academy of Cosmetology allows cosmetology students to learn color using the Wella Professionals product line, giving them intimate experience with one of the most popular brands in the industry before they’ve even graduated.

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