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Barbering is craftsman’s style work and an up and coming profession in the beauty world. Although barbers have always been around, there seemed to be a dwindling number as longer hairstyles through the late 20th century dominated men’s styles. 

Today, however, the barber profession is becoming a more popular career choice with younger generations. According to the BLS, the need for barbers is on the rise at 11% until the year 2031. Barbers work in many areas, including salons and personal care centers. With an education in barbering, there are a lot of options open. At Elite Academy of Cosmetology, our barbering program is growing and we are proud to help prepare students with the techniques and skills necessary to prepare them for a career in the field. 

Do you have what it takes to succeed in the world of barbering? Take a look below to see what makes a great barber!. 

A Solid Education

Every professional barber will require a proper education and licensing for the state they work in. Many beauty schools offer barbering programs, and you can even find schools dedicated solely to barbering. Choose an education you can commit to, whether that’s night classes or a full-time course. 

At Elite, our program is 1500 hours and can usually be completed in a year. As you learn theory, coloring basics, and anatomy, you will also be required to put in practice hours to be able to sit for the state licensing exam. Our program is designed to help young professionals gain the barbering skills they need to succeed in the beauty industry. Here are some skills you can expect to learn:

  • Men’s hairpiece, mustache, beard design, & shaving
  • Hair coloring
  • Haircutting & hairstyling
  • Chemical relaxing, curling, & waving
  • Anatomy, physiology, chemistry, hair/scalp treatment
  • Sanitation & safety
  • Professionalism, history of barbering, business management
  • Board rules & regulations
  • And more!

Man with beard having the sides of hair shaved

Entrepreneurial Spirit

As a barber, you have a unique position to be able to choose your working environment to some degree. If you choose to work in a salon you may have some flexibility in your schedule and if you open your own, you get to choose hours of business completely. As you accrue clients and get regulars, you can even come to expect a certain schedule.Those who already have an entrepreneurial spirit definitely benefit from this kind of freedom. If you can already picture your own place and are excited by the prospect of managing schedules, finances, and even details like decoration, your barbering career has an added boost.  

Creativity & Passion

Barbers are naturally creative and passionate people. They have the drive to see their endeavors from start to finish. Most professional barbers also say that seeing a final shave or haircut is one of the most satisfying parts of the job. If you love creating and take pride in your work, barbering will be a breeze. Curate your education so you can take advantage of courses like coloring, styling, and facial massage. The more you know, the more you can offer any future clients. And if you have a special love of any one part of the process, you can work to harness that creativity and make it something your clients know you for. 

A Knack for Chit-Chat

Communication is key for any kind of hairstylist. Not only do your clients need to communicate their desires and needs to you, as the barber you must communicate the style as you envision it and make your clients feel at ease during treatments. Explain the process, what products you use, and make use of good, old-fashioned chit-chat to get to know your customers. The romance of the old barber-pole shops includes that personal touch in how you treat and get to know your clientele. 

An Eye for Detail

Any good barber is going to be conscious of the details. This not only includes the closeness of a shave and a good haircut, but also in the details that make for a great experience all-around. At Elite, part of our education program is to also prepare students in business management and professionalism. If you already love executing on every detail and pay attention to the little things, you can have success!

barbers chair

Find Your Chair

Barbering is a dream job for many. It offers flexibility, creativity, personality, and of course a great income with flexibility and personal style. Find the place where you belong and claim your barber’s chair!

Ready To Get Started?

If you already possess some of the skills above, check out our barbering course. We are happy to help you with any questions you have about our school, so feel free to contact us! We can’t wait to help you along your journey!