Healthy Hair

You already know that the best place to go to get your hair looking great again is your favorite hair salon. However, did you know that they can help you maintain healthy hair, too? So much in our environment can tip the scales between unhealthy and healthy hair that you need every tool in your arsenal. Start with your favorite cosmetologist to get the advice you need to fight back and have the healthy hair you deserve.

  • The Right Products – There is a reason why there are so many hair care products on the market. Of course, part of that is because there is enough demand that just about anything will sell to someone. However, the rest of the equation is that everyone’s hair needs different products, so what works for someone else may not work for you. Your cosmetologist is your best source for choosing the right products for your hair type and hair style.
  • The Right Tools – Don’t be afraid to ask your cosmetologist which tools you should be using if your goal is to have healthy hair. Hairbrushes, combs, dryers, and straighteners come in many types with some being better for your hair than others. Professional stylists have been trained in what works best and are often happy to share this information. You can also get tips on how to use your tools the proper way.
  • Helpful Tips – What your hair needs and what you should avoid doing or using are important things to know if you want healthy hair. Again, benefit from the training and experience of a cosmetologist. You’d be surprised what tips you might hear, such as using a satin pillowcase or washing your hair less often.

Having healthy hair all the time is possible, and you can be a part of helping others with this goal as a trained cosmetologist. Here at Elite Academy of Cosmetology, we offer the programs you need, so you can be the authority that others turn to for advice and services. You might even be able to help someone with a “kid with scissors” haircut someday. We have campuses in Lawton and Duncan, Oklahoma with a wide variety of classes in everything you need to take part in this exciting career.