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Facials, Duncan, OK

Make your clients feel youthful and beautiful with fantastic facials in Duncan.

Facials are multi-step skin treatments that cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin. Facials can help people get rid of blackheads and get more youthful-looking skin. Regular facials promote a clean, well-hydrated complexion. Here at Elite Academy of Cosmetology, we have courses designed that can take your knowledge of facials to the next level in Duncan, Oklahoma.

The process of giving facials can be involved because of the number of steps, even though each step is straightforward:

  • We recommend starting with each new client with a consultation. This gives you an opportunity to discuss health history that may impact your options.
  • Once the consultation is complete, you will prepare all the things you need.
  • A through cleansing of the skin will include careful skin analysis and may involve multiple cleansing steps.
  • Once the cleansing is done, it will be time for steam treatment and exfoliation.
  • Further steps may include extractions and facial massage.
  • A facial mask application allows the skin to rehydrate.
  • We can prepare you to give each client advice to go home with, as well as product recommendations that they can use between facials. Make sure you advise clients to receive facials quarterly or monthly at the most, as the skin needs time to regenerate between treatments.

Our clinic can provide you the space you need to practice your new skills on real clients. You can master techniques with the guidance of the master estheticians on our staff. You can complete review hours with us or a full esthetics course that takes about 6 months to complete. More information is just a phone call away.