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There’s no need to wait for the New Year to give yourself a whole new look. The summer season is the perfect time to try out new hair and makeup styles!

Just remember to keep these looks practical for the hot weather. Most people want looks that style well with their summer outfits but keep them cool and comfortable.

This is why creating new, exciting looks requires talent and skill. Plus, if you are making any major changes like coloring or cutting hair, you really need to have professional training.

Our cosmetology program at Elite Academy of Cosmetology will help you gain the skills you need to become an industry professional. We also help our students stay up to date with the latest beauty trends in our Lawton student salon.

Here are some beauty and hair looks that are making huge waves this summer season!

1. Going for a Retro Cut

retro cut by our student


What goes around comes back around – and the 70s and 80s hair-dos that your parents and grandparents had are hot once again! Shaggy styles with lots of layers and body are all the rage. If you’re really ready for a change, you may want to go for a more punk, rocker-style cut like the faux-hawk or mullet!

Looking for something a little bit softer and classic? The 70s bombshell cut is everywhere this season. Curtain bangs that gently frame the face blend in well with soft waves and look great on just about everyone.

2. High Pony with Long Extensions

Keeping your hair up and out of your face is a classic go-to for hot summer months. Easy up-dos that don’t require lots of heat styling are quite popular. Want a way to elevate this classic look? Try adding extensions to create a fuller, longer ponytail!

There are several ways to do this. The easiest is to add a simple clip-in ponytail extension that matches your hair color. These can clip around the real hair and easily be taken in and out.

If you want a more natural and long-lasting look, tape-in or sew-in hair extensions are the way to go. These do require some professional training to keep the hair safe and prevent breakage. When installed correctly and taken care of, this type of extension work can last for one to two months!

3. Bright Accessories and Accents

Bright colors are always in for the summer —but you can do more than just wear a brightly colored outfit to get in on this trend. Adding bright accessories or accents to your hair is a fun option.

If you aren’t ready for a big commitment, start with incorporating brightly colored hair accessories like clips or ribbons into your hairstyles. Or be bold and get a temporary or permanent shade added to your hair in your favorite color!

The same goes for makeup – adding bright eyeshadow or liner is a great way to make your look really pop.

In the cosmetology program at Elite Academy of Cosmetology, you will learn how to color client’s hair in all types of vibrant shades. During the makeup artistry courses, you will also learn how to create beautiful eyeshadow, eyeliner, and other makeup looks in complementary colors.

4. Waterproof Your Look

Going to the pool or beach is one of the best parts of the summer season. Just because you’ll be getting in the water doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style, though Waterproofing your hair and makeup is essential!

You can create waterproof looks with sleek hairstyles that will stay out of your face while you splash around. Try adding in products to hold back flyaways and create slick styles like buns or braids that will stay put.

5. Amp Up Your Summer Glow

The golden glow from sitting in the sun is a summer classic. But if you don’t want to spend hours a day soaking up the sun’s rays, you can get the look at a salon!

Adding in golden highlights and lowlights to your hair can give you that sun-kissed look. Highlights can be added throughout your entire hair or specific areas to frame your face for a more natural look.

Your makeup can help you portray a summer glow with bronzer and highlighter application techniques. Placement is crucial here – you don’t want to add bronzer and highlighter all over the face!

Instead, bronzer should be lightly brushed on to points that would naturally tan in the sunlight, such as the cheeks, forehead, and bridge of the nose. Highlighter can be used on highpoints to add dimension and a natural glow.

Now, not everyone’s face shape is the same, so makeup placement must be adjusted sometimes. This is something you can learn about during makeup course training in cosmetology school.

Get More Inspiration

You can be creative with summer looks by getting inspired and trying out new styles yourself. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what new styles our students are creating!

Pursue Your Passions at Elite Academy of Cosmetology!

If you enjoy doing makeup and hair on yourself or others, why not consider going to school to become a cosmetologist? Going to cosmetology school is a fantastic way to pursue a career doing something you truly love.

If you are interested in turning your stylish hobby into a career visit our cosmetology school page! Our program at Elite Academy of Cosmetology is a great starting point for becoming a licensed beauty professional.

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