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Finding a balance between the demands of beauty school and everyday life can be challenging, but with effective planning and organization, you can enjoy your educational experience and achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to enroll in a cosmetology, barbering, or esthetician program, our guide is here to help you make the most of your time as a student!

Create a Schedule

Before you start your first day of school, we highly recommend purchasing a small planner or coming up with a strategy that can allow you to schedule your time more effectively. Create a schedule each week that includes your beauty school classes, study time, work schedule, and personal commitments. It’s important that you prioritize your time for each activity and accomplish the most important tasks first. 

Find a daily routine that works best for you. This can help you to feel productive in the morning before starting your busy day and help you to prepare during the evening. When you stick to a routine, you can feel less stressed and more organized each day.

Eliminate Distractions from Study Time

During your class and study time, avoid all distractions, especially social media. Distractions can put you behind and make it hard for you to achieve your goals. Set goals for yourself that you are only allowed to check texts and messages certain times during the day. Put your phone on autopilot while you study, so you can stay more focused. 

 How to Balance Beauty School and Life

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Friends, family, teachers, and classmates can be great sources of support when you first start beauty school. They can encourage you to keep going and offer great advice from their own experiences. On your first day of school, introduce yourself to your teachers to develop a relationship. Exchange numbers with classmates in case you miss out on assignments or need a study buddy for a future exam. 

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is crucial to your success. It’s important that you make sure to get enough sleep each day, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. This can make a huge difference in your life and help you to feel more productive. As you prioritize your needs, you are able to allow yourself to feel more energized and focused each day.

When you take the time to care for yourself, you are able to improve your mood and look more forward to each day ahead of you. As you learn to put yourself first, you are able to build confidence and self worth. 

Remember to Take Breaks

Taking short breaks during your study sessions can help you to feel more motivated and prevent burn out. Set an alarm or reminder to help you consistently take breaks throughout the day. You can even schedule breaks into your schedule. 

It is okay to reward yourself for your hard work. When you stay productive during the week, you can enjoy the weekends with friends and participate in fun activities. Here are some other ways to treat yourself and take breaks after accomplishing tasks:

  • Visit your local coffee shop
  • Enjoy a bubble bath
  • Take yourself out for ice cream or order food
  • Hang out with friends or family
  • Take a nap
  • Go for a walk
  • Pamper yourself with a spa day
  • Attend a local event
  • Go shopping

There are so many ways to make time for yourself. Consistently do things that make you happy and give you something to look forward to during your beauty school journey. 

 How to Balance Beauty School and Life

Keep Moving

There are ways to keep your mind and body active. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. You can sign up for a sports team or yoga class while attending school. If you are able to, walking to school or riding your bike is another great way to stay active. You can see a huge difference in your life as you make it a priority to keep yourself healthy. 

Stay Positive

Building your future and taking the necessary steps to develop skills should be a positive experience for you. There might be days where you feel like giving up, but keep going and remind yourself why you started your beauty journey in the first place. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take the time each day to write down what you are grateful for. Keep a journal and document your time as a student to look back on what you accomplished and learned through your academic experience.

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