From facials to foot massage, skincare as self care has become one of the biggest trends in beauty today. If you’ve ever been tempted by the latest face-mask or researched the 10-step Korean skincare routine, you may already have some knowledge about esthetics. But what exactly is an esthetician and what do they do? The beauty and skincare worlds seem to be always expanding. Below we’ll take a look at the different aspects of an esthetician’s work.

Facial Services

This might be the first thing anyone thinks of when they mention esthetics. Face and skin care is what most estheticians practice. At Elite Academy of Cosmetology, our esthetics program includes facials as one of the main courses of study. An esthetician can massage the face, apply scrubs, peels, and even remove hair from areas of the face. You can learn not only how to perform a facial, but the science of skincare, sanitation methods, and different methods of hair removal.

esthetician applies facial mask treatment with brush

Body Services

Body services can be a major part of an esthetician’s work. This could be body acne treatments, body wraps, and massage used on the neck and back. Estheticians must know different skin types, chemistry, and physiology. Today some of the most popular body treatments include dermaplaning, body wraps, and microdermabrasion. These techniques work to exfoliate the skin and rehydrate for a smoothing, invigorating effect all over!

Hair Removal Services

Hair removal can be applied through laser treatments, waxing, sugaring, and threading. This could be used on the face or any parts of the body. Estheticians can be trained to become proficient in all different types of hair removal methods.

threading eyebrow technique shown on one eyebrow

Makeup Application

Some estheticians may choose to work in makeup application as part of their skincare education. Being knowledgeable in skin means estheticians can often have a more nuanced understanding of skincare products and makeup as well. Choosing to specialize an education this way can mean more opportunities to work in the wedding industry or in different types of editorial work.

Product Expert

If you’ve ever visited a salon or spa, you may have gotten product recommendations from estheticians or hair stylists. They are experts in their field and have experience with all types of skin and products. An esthetician will be required to pass a state written and practical exam as well as complete a 600 hour course study. They must know the trade and the trends to be able to recommend the right products for the right skin type.

Careers As An Esthetician

Estheticians have a lot of opportunities for work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over 7,000 jobs should open up within the next several years as demand continues to grow. Estheticians can work in all kinds of settings from medical and clinical, to spas and salons. It’s exciting work that many estheticians say is fulfilling, fun, and flexible. You can meet new people, learn new skills, and have the chance to make your clients feel beautiful.

At Elite Academy of Cosmetology, our goal is to share our knowledge in order to educate future beauty professionals. If you’re interested in esthetics, check out our program! If you’re not sure, take our quiz to see what your beauty career match might be. Become a beauty professional who can help others feel their best. Learn more about skincare and begin the first steps on your beauty journey!