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Esthetics is a specialized field within the beauty industry. Estheticians focus on skincare and advanced treatments relating to skin health and beauty. This type of specialization opens the doors to many different career paths. Estheticians can focus on beauty, therapeutic methods, medical treatments, consultations, and so much more. If you are passionate about skin health, you may enjoy the opportunities and the career you can build as an esthetician.

Your journey begins with your esthetician training at the Elite Academy of Cosmetology. Here, you will learn everything you need to earn your esthetics license and begin your practice with one of many specializations.

We’re taking a closer look at six different career paths that a licensed esthetician can explore or move between.

Spa Esthetician

One of the most popular career paths for estheticians is in the spa industry. You can work in many different types of spa, from massage studios to resorts around the world. Estheticians are part of the therapeutic team, providing facials and skin treatments to refresh clients through a deep understanding of what is healthy and soothing for the skin.

A spa esthetician may provide facial peels or moisturizing and exfoliating facials. They may assist in wraps or help create the perfect soaking environment for clients. Estheticians are often key to a spa that can offer advanced wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation services while providing an essential customer service connection with each client.

Spa estheticians often have the opportunity to travel and work in exciting, relaxing, and beautiful places.

Medical Esthetician

Estheticians can also take their career in a medical direction. Many private clinics, especially dermatologists, employ estheticians to help patients navigate difficult skin-related conditions. Estheticians may provide chemical peels, laser treatments, and hair removal. Or they may provide medical-grade consultations to help clients with skin conditions choose the right products to manage discomfort and achieve clear skin.

Naturally, special certification and training are required for medical estheticians depending on the state where you plan to practice. You may need extra training hours to certify in the specific high-level treatments you plan to administer.

As a medical esthetician, you will be able to move up in the medical field and build a respectable career as a therapeutic specialist. You may even open your own clinic as you become established in the industry.

Skincare Consultant

Many people go to estheticians for skin care consultations. You may help patients with allergies, sensitivities, acne, eczema, and other skin-related challenges to determine the best way to achieve healthy skin.

Your training as an esthetician will provide the art of skin analysis and a deep knowledge of skin products. In this role, you may have the opportunity to work in retail or medical settings, or even work directly for skincare product brands.

It will be important to maintain continuous learning to stay up-to-date on skincare techniques, ingredients, and trends. Clients will come to you expecting the latest information and entrusting the health of their skin to your expertise.

Makeup Artist

Estheticians also make fantastic makeup artists, with a specialization in makeup that is good for the skin. Your expert knowledge regarding skincare products will help you bring out each client’s inner beauty while also helping them select makeup products that will not irritate their skin for special occasions or daily use.

A makeup artist esthetician will find many opportunities across industries, including bridal makeup, fashion, and entertainment. You may also find a place in high-end retail settings that sell makeup or work with an elite client list in a luxury salon.

Building a successful makeup artist career as an esthetician will include keeping up with the latest makeup trends and products while using your expertise to know what is right for your client’s look and skin health.

Product Development and Sales

Your knowledge of skincare products can also win you a role in product development or sales. Estheticians sometimes work in the lab for cosmetic product brands, inventing new beauty formulas that promote healthy skin and avoid common daily cosmetic problems. Or you can bring your enthusiasm and knowledge of skincare to help sell good products that you believe in. Your insights will help clients trust your brand employer and choose the products that are best for their skin.

The journey from esthetics education to product development may involve a deeper knowledge of chemistry and creation, which many estheticians are eager to learn.


Lastly, you can always start your own business as an esthetician. You might open your own therapeutic spa or start a skincare clinic. Estheticians also make great entrepreneurs for beauty businesses, such as a bridal makeup artist service or even selling skincare products of your own design.

Of course, the first step is to learn the business skills necessary to found, and run your business. You will enjoy the benefits of being your own boss and determining the exact business model where your esthetics skills are put to use, but you will also be fully responsible for your own success or failure.

The best place to start, for many estheticians, is to build a network of clients and potential business partners in the early days of your career before you prepare to launch your own brand or location.

Unlock Your Potential as a Professional Esthetician

Becoming an esthetician can open a wide range of career paths. You can focus on beauty to become a makeup artist, focus on therapy to specialize in spa treatments, or focus on the medical aspect to become a respected clinic esthetician for people in the most need of your skincare expertise. Over time, you may become ready to start your own business, building on the foundation of your esthetic skills.

Elite Academy of Cosmetology can provide the coursework and hands-on training necessary to hone your skills and become a talented esthetician. Once you earn your esthetician license, the path you take is yours to decide. You can also always return for further education, learning advanced skin care techniques and learning more about the path in which you wish to specialize.

Explore your passion for skincare and consider a career in esthetics. Reach out for more information on esthetics education.