Debra Wirtz began an amazing career in Cosmetology in 1970 in Lawton Ok. The Oklahoma Hair Association introduced her to platform artistry after only two years behind the chair. She quickly became a member of the Thunderbirds Oklahoma Hairfashion Committee. Teaching trend styles to Licensed hairdressers all over the state and at conventions. The opportunity to teach with a passion and meet other educators from all over the U.S. was extremely exciting to her.
Debra married Nick Wirtz in 1979 and moved to south Louisiana. She taught for a year in a Beauty College there after which she opened her own salon. She quickly tested for the Louisiana Hairfashion Committee and again shared trend styles and continuing education with licensed hairdressers. Her salon grew to be very large, opening it’s doors to many hairstylist that built beautiful careers.
Debra and Nick moved back to Oklahoma in 2001. After 30 years in this amazing industry, she was planning to relax on the farm, but she looked at Nick and said, “I have way too much to share not to share it!” She met Tammy Graham and it was obvious the same passion for the Cosmetology world lived in each of them.
Debra has been with us at Elite Academy of Cosmetology since 2002. Her experience as a salon owner shines through as our Director and Master Instructor. We love the energy that Debra brings into the school, and the passion she brings to the education that she helps provide our students. That passion continues once students graduate because Debra is personally interested in the varied careers available in the Cosmetology/Barbering industry and loves helping students chase their dreams.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Photography, spend time with Grandkids, and relax on the farm.

What inspires you?
Watching for “AHAAAA!!!” moments in students, and seeing graduates success!

“I feel very strong about the education that the students receive at Elite Academy. I only wish I could touch their head and transfer the knowledge instantly. Just being able to be a part of the student’s beginning is such an honor. Then the notes, hugs, visits and texts that I receive after a student graduates makes it all worth while. With social media of today, I can track their success! And WOW! Our Cosmetology world is AMAZING! God has had me in this industry this long for a reason. Perhaps it is to continue to be involved with these awesome students that can also enjoy this career as much as I have!!! Your success in in your fingertips!” – Debra Wirtz