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The process for becoming a licensed cosmetologist in Oklahoma can seem intimidating or confusing for some people. Fortunately, the process breaks down into a few relatively simple steps:

  1. Complete at least 8th grade
  2. Apply and enroll in the beauty school of your choice
  3. Complete 1,500 cosmetology program credit hours
  4. Pass the state licensing exam, both written and practical

Each of the steps in the enrollment process are important, so we’ve broken each of them down to talk in-depth about what you can expect.

Why do I have to complete 8th grade to become a cosmetologist?

Professional cosmetologists are usually responsible for managing their own book of business. This means you would be responsible for scheduling appointments with your clients and essentially building your own business. Finishing the 8th grade can give you a basic education to allow you to conduct your business more professionally, which means your business can perform better.

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Applying & Enrolling in Beauty School

Once you’re ready to begin your journey into the beauty industry, one of the biggest choices you get to make is which beauty school to apply to and attend. Every beauty school should offer you an education that allows you to take the licensing exam, but that’s where the similarities end.

Accreditation & Financial Aid

Some schools are accredited, while others are not. Accredited cosmetology schools are allowed to provide federal financial aid options to students who qualify, while unaccredited schools cannot. This can be a major deciding factor, especially if affording school could be a challenge.

Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to financial aid opportunities, good beauty schools should strive to help their new students find scholarships to make paying for beauty school easier. Some schools offer their own scholarships, while other schools help students apply for publicly available scholarships. Make sure the school you’re considering provides the support that you need!

Extracurriculars Activities

Providing the 1,500 classroom hours for the state licensing exam is the bare minimum that a beauty school should do. Excellent cosmetology schools can offer extracurricular activities, business development lessons, and continuing education opportunities. Be sure to ask what about what you can get out of your time in beauty school!

Pass the Licensing Exam

The cosmetology licensing exam is the last step to becoming a licensed cosmetologist in Oklahoma. This exam can be intimidating for many people, but the staff at Elite Academy of Cosmetology are dedicated to making it as manageable as possible for graduates.

The Practical Exam

The practical portion of the licensing exam is where graduates demonstrate their hands-on skills for cosmetology. For some people this is easier than traditional written testing because students have the opportunity to build muscle memory to help them succeed in the test.

The Written Exam

The written portion of the licensing exam will likely feel familiar for most students. This part of the exam can be intimidating for some graduates, which is why we strive to help our students feel confident and prepared to take the exam on head-on!

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Learn Cosmetology at Elite Academy of Cosmetology

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