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Follow These Three Beauty Tips to Transform Your Look

When it comes to your beauty regimen, there are lots of beauty tips out there to try out. How can you achieve your best look without all the effort as you get ready for your day? Here are three easy beauty tips you can follow that will help you look your best without the hassles:

  1. Hair – You woke up late, and now you have to get to the office pronto – but you totally have a bed head. What do you do?! While your first inclination may just be to throw your hair up into a ponytail, you can actually have a put-together look that’s easy to accomplish as you head out the door. What do you need? A hair bow, a head band, and bobby pins. Throw your messy hairdo into a high pony tail and add your favorite headband to secure those morning fly-aways. Then wrap your ponytail into a bun and add bobby pins to secure it in place. Voila! Bed head turned into a professional look and ready for the office.
  2. Skin – We’ve all heard about how adding sunscreen to our skin care regimen is one of the best things we can do . . . but is it really worth the effort? No matter what your skin type may be, it’s important to be able to enjoy the sun in safety. One easy way to achieve your goals of glowing skin without the risk is to use liquid sunscreen as part of your daily skin care regimen. Most liquid sunscreen contains alcohol, which can help to dry up breakouts while providing expert protection during your day in the sun.
  3. Nails – If you love adding a pop of color to your nails, but you’re tired of the same old thing, this easy beauty tip will satisfy your need for something unique. Add a little shimmer to your next nail color by adding small glitter or mineral powder as you paint. Your nails will pop in the light without much extra work on your part!

If you love these beauty tips, or if you want to learn more tools of the trade, embrace your passion with us at Elite Academy of Cosmetology. Call us today to learn more!