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Men’s Cuts, Duncan, OK

Men’s cuts can become second nature to you in Duncan as you refine your skills in our program.

Men’s Cuts

Men’s cuts are very different than learning to cut bobs or layers in longer hair. The techniques are different, and it is important to master the basics to the point that they become second nature to you. There are several different techniques you can learn and practice here at Elite Academy of Cosmetology:

  • Scissor over fingers (with multiple hand positioning methods)
  • Scissor over comb (this technique predates clippers and is still the mainstay of professional barbering)
  • Clipper over comb
  • Blade on skin

Beyond cutting techniques, you can learn how to maintain correct posture during your long day of giving men’s cuts. Just adjusting where you keep your elbow can make a huge difference in how your arm feels at the end of the day. Our barbering program is only offered at our location in Lawton, though you can learn about men’s cuts in our cosmetology program in Duncan, Oklahoma, as well.

If you are already proficient in men’s cuts, you may want to consider entering our master instruction courses. These courses are designed to teach successful technicians how to become excellent instructors. You can help teach the stylists and barbers of the future. This student instructor program takes about 11 months and involves 1,000 hours of instruction and training.

If you are interested in giving our barbering students practice while getting great men’s cuts, you can make an appointment in our busy clinic. We think that hands-on experience with the guidance of an instructor is one of the most important opportunities for our students. Call today for more information.

Men’s Cuts