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    Esthetician, Lawton, OK

    If you are looking for a great esthetician who won’t charge a fortune, you should consider visiting our students at Elite Academy of Cosmetology in Lawton.

    Esthetician in Lawton, OK

    Skin care can be expensive.  You want to look your best and have skin that is soft, smooth, and hair free, but it costs so much money.  If you are looking for a quality esthetician who does not charge a fortune, you should visit our student estheticians at Elite Academy of Cosmetology in Lawton, Oklahoma.

    Our students have all the skills and knowledge to perform all the services done by an esthetician in a salon or a spa.  They just need to get in a certain number of hours of practice before they are licensed by the state.  They are closely monitored by an instructor, so you can feel confident that they will do an excellent job.  Since they are students, we can perform all services for less than you would pay for the same services at a high-end day spa or salon.

    We offer some great services, including waxing, facials, eyelash extensions, skin care, and much more.  We use the same quality products as a day spa or salon.  We also perform our services in a salon environment, so you really feel like you are getting special treatment. With the amount of money you will save on eyebrow waxing, you can get a facial, as well!

    If you are interested in booking an appointment with one of our fabulous student estheticians, call us today at Elite Academy of Cosmetology.  We will get you set up with a wonderful esthetician.  You will get pampered and feel great about your choice to come and visit us. Book an appointment today; your skin will thank you.

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