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We can teach you how to teach your clients important shampoo techniques.


When you think about cosmetology, you probably think about haircuts and shampoo. Cleaning is an integral part of maintaining healthy hair. One of the most important things you can do for your clients is to explain and demonstrate proper hair washing technique with shampoo.

Here are the steps:

  • Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water. The temperature of the water opens the cuticle of the hair and prepares the hair for shampoo.
  • Put shampoo only at the roots and massage gently. Slide the suds down the length of the hair and never scrub on the tips, which are the most fragile part.
  • Rinse before conditioner and squeeze the water out.
  • Do not put conditioner on the roots.
  • Finish with a cold rinse, which helps close the hair cuticles and enhance shine.

When you enroll in our cosmetology program here at Elite Academy of Cosmetology, shampoo techniques are only a small part of all the things you can learn. Our cosmetology program includes training about how to run a successful business and takes 13 months to complete. We have classes starting at different times throughout the year, allowing you to start when it works for you. Beyond cosmetology, we also have a barber school (at our Lawton campus only), training for estheticians, nail technician training and master instruction for students who want to become cosmetology instructors themselves.

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