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The right conditioner with quality ingredients can help your clients grow healthy hair.


As haircare professionals, you can have the opportunity to recommend products to your clients on a regular basis. Here at Elite Academy of Cosmetology, you can gain the experience to make great recommendations for all hair types. One of the most important hair care products is conditioner. The right conditioner that is made with quality ingredients can help your clients grow healthier hair. It can smooth their cuticles, add bounce and shine to their hair, and actually support the growth of thicker hair.

When it comes to clients with thinning or thin hair, prevention of hair loss is better than curing it. It is also cheaper. Buying a quality conditioner is like investing in your hair. Thinning hair occurs for all sorts of reasons, including a lack of nutrition, changes in hormone levels, certain medications, and pregnancy. It can also happen from a buildup of dirt, oil or hair products. This type of thinning is completely preventable.

We want to help give you the knowledge to help your clients take better care of their hair. That’s why our comprehensive cosmetology program includes numerous clinic hours. We know that hands-on experience with clients can be invaluable as you begin your career in this industry. We also understand that knowledge about hair is not enough; you need to know about the business and technical side of running a salon, too. Our program takes about 13 months to complete and includes about 1500 hours of instruction and practice. It is only one of the exciting programs we have available. To learn more, all you have to do is call.