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Lash Extensions

Tired of mascara? Time to try lash extensions!

Lash Extensions

Mascara is one of those beauty items that we often have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, it is fairly easy to apply. But, it can have mixed results, looking clumpy or not doing enough. It also gets old quickly and you have to buy a new tube. What if there was an alternative? Well, there is, and here at Elite Academy of Cosmetology, you can learn all about lash extensions.

When you bring lash extensions to your clients, you are bringing them almost endless options for application. We will teach you all you need to know about lash extensions, including the following:

  • The different shapes and structures of the eye
  • How to apply lash extensions safely
  • The tools and materials needed to apply lash extensions
  • How to prepare the eye for application
  • How to protect the lower eyelid during application
  • How to remove lash extensions safely
  • Different types of lash extensions (like mink, synthetic or human)
  • Options like colored extensions that make the options endless for application

Whether you are a hair stylist looking to expand into a new area or an esthetician who wants a new skill, we are here to support you in your career goals. Our hands-on clinic can give you the chance to try out your skills and master the techniques while still under the guidance of a master instructor. Give us a call for more information about lash extensions or any of our other programs.