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Learn about hair highlights at our hands-on clinic.

There are already many different types of hair highlights, and here at Elite Academy of Cosmetology we can provide instruction and hands-on training in many different techniques. Whether you are new to the industry or if you are looking to learn about new trends after years of experience, we have a program that can meet your needs.

Here are some of the hair highlighting techniques you will learn and practice with us:

  • Foil highlights
  • Balayage highlighting (also known as hair painting)
  • Frosting, which is a great option for shorter haircuts
  • Chunking
  • Babylights for a natural sun-kissed effect
  • Ombré
  • Lowlights, which include darker strands
  • Ribbon highlights, great for wavy hair

We teach highlighting with natural tones and new pastel shades of pink, purple, blue, etc. that have become very popular recently. We will also provide instruction about which type of highlights might be best for different clients. It is in our busy clinic that you can get the opportunity to put your new knowledge into practice with real clients.

If you are looking to review or revitalize your current knowledge, we have review courses that will take even less time. Our classes start throughout the year, making it more convenient for you. We have financial aid for students who qualify, including student loans, grants, scholarships, VA funding, BIA funding, and more. With our low student-to-teacher ratio and opportunities to practice on real clients, you will master your new skills and improve your current techniques. The first step is a simple phone call, so call us today.

Highlights in Duncan, OK