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Cosmetology School Near Me

If you’ve thought, “I can’t find a good cosmetology school near me,” then you haven’t seen all that we have to offer!

Cosmetology School Near Me

Have you always wanted to own your own salon, but you keep saying “There aren’t any cosmetology schools near me”? Then you haven’t talked with us at Elite Academy of Cosmetology! We offer a variety of programs at two convenient locations in Lawton and Duncan, Oklahoma, so you can get on the path of owning your own salon and/or working as a successful barber, hairdresser, nail technician, or esthetician.

If you’ve thought, “The cosmetology schools near me don’t have the program I want,” then you haven’t seen all that we have to offer at Elite Academy of Cosmetology. Some of our programs at our accredited college include:

  • Cosmetology school
  • Esthetician school
  • Barber school (Lawton campus only)
  • Nail technician school
  • Master instructor

We also have a clinic where you can hone your skills in a real-world environment while you learn everything you need to know to master your craft and provide your customers with the quality services they love.

Have you ever thought, “I can’t afford to go to a cosmetology school near me”? Then you haven’t asked us about our financial aid programs! We have everything you need to begin your new career in just a year!

If you have questions about our programs or how you can get started with your new cosmetology career, contact us at Elite Academy of Cosmetology today to learn more. When you want to hone your skills, gain confidence, and get on the path to success, we are the best cosmetology school for your career training.

Cosmetology School Near Me in Duncan, OK
Cosmetology School Near Me in Lawton, OK